Cookies Information

If you still need to still PICK up your cookie troop stuff please email us and set up a time to pick it up. [email protected]


GScookies2020 Cookie Kick-off and Important Dates

2020 Cookie Training (for Cookie Managers)

Cookie training is scheduled for December 9.  Any questions can be emailed directly to our Service Unit Cookie Manger Jennie (email)  If you are a cookie manager for your troop, you must be registered. Visit for registration information

Our Cookie Training Documents 2020 Cookie Prentation Training

Before the sale, you are required to attend an in-person training with your service unit or take our online Cookie Program training. You should also read and understand theTroop Cookie Manager Resources page. (

You may also look at the Service Unit Cookie Manager Guidebook


Cookie ACH Information

Is your troop is interested in participating in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Program with Girl Scout Council? This program allows the Girl Scout Council to remove the alloted funds from your troop account two times during the cookie selling season. This is a great way to alleviate some of the hassle of depositing funds into the Girl Scout Council account, not knowing how much money to put in and/or depositing too much money. It is easy! Just email the following information to: [email protected] 1. Your Troop Number 2. Name of the Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader if there isn’t a Troop Cookie Manager 3. Email of Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader 4. The name of the Service Unit: Bloomington 9 Mile Service Unit


ACH Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Product Sales

Fall product is a council sponsored fundraising event. It runs October and includes magazines, nuts & candy (earning $1 per item and magazines are $3.50 per).  Fall product sales run September 28 – Oct 21st.

All orders and placed online through the council.

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